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Printing News March 2012 by: Ewen Owen

Printing Products that make a difference... If your Interest is Estimating... Best Pick for 12 ~ Estimator with Press Select

Over the past years we have seen exciting new innovative products that have materially strengthened the entire printing industry. These ideas vastly improved printing efficiency while at the same time simplifying the process. Most notable are Computer to Plate, Super High Speed Presses, Automated make-readies, and most recently Digital-Presses with variable data capabilities.

There are many estimating programs such as Hagen, Print Smith, PSI, Pace, Logic, CRC, Presstimator and so on, but there is only one that truly stands out from the rest. Estimator from Estimator Corp of Westport CT. Estimator is a very sophisticated solution bundled in an easy-to-use format. Written by a printer with an engineering background, the program embodies all of the features from a Printer's perspective.

What makes Estimator stand out in the crowd are several important factors that were built into the program during its development over the last 12 years. The concept of 'Single Screen' estimating combined with an Error-Free environment allows the estimator to visually see the effects of the changes as they occur. Additionally

Estimator is 100% Artificial Intelligent, and writes all of the specifications in a point and click environment with basically an unlimited selection of options and infinite control.

Estimator’s new Press Select, (PS) is truly a unique feature that provides the best 3 press selection for each part of the quote from the customers active presses. Not only does it list the top 3 for each part but it shows the price for each, allowing management to make an informed decision based on their particular plant load. Another exciting feature of PS is evident when a different quantity is selected and a completely new configuration may appear for all 4 parts of the quote. We have seen other similar solutions, but none so swift, easy and effective.

Standard reports on all versions are: Estimate, Job Ticket, Internal Detailed Costs and Profit, Paper and Services PO's, Work Flow Production Scheduling Job Locator, Invoice and Shipping Labels. Other available features include. Networking Custom Report Writer, ODBC to connect to other existing management tools. Data Mining with detailed queries, Web applications for remote access and job estimates.

Estimator uses over 3000 proven algorithms that instantaneously inter-react to produce the most accurate quotes, literally in seconds. We have a lot of confidence in this product not only from our own testing and comparisons, but from the fact that Estimator was purchased by Moore Wallace Donnelly, after 10 months of extensive evaluation. Additionally we were amazed that Estimator was able to produce 2000 quotes for a Major Long Island printer in 19 hours and included setup with the printer’s presses and pricing.

Its lightening-fast speed is accomplished from its multiple default system, which pre-loads the items that you most commonly use resulting in 90% of your work has already accomplished.

Bottom line. Estimator can return its low cost in as little as 3 months, and also increase your sales by at least 10-15%. Case studies have shown that estimating efficiency can be improved 500-700% at a minimum. The program comes in four very moderate price ranges from Digital & Variable Data, to large format Sheetfed and Web. The program also easily handles wide format.

The Estimator solution boasts a full run version no-cost 60-day trial. The company is so confident that it even includes the setup in your plant with your pricing. This can be accomplished many times in less then 1 hour. They want you to use the program on a daily basis, and if you decide to purchase you will receive a key allowing you to retain all of your information.

For information visit their website and Download the 60-day full version trial or call 203 682 6436.




March 2012

Estimator previews it innovative Press Select [PS] feature at Graphics of the Americas Show in Miami Florida

Press Select from Estimator is the worlds most advance tool designed for plants with a variety of equipment and to handle the new Digital Presses. Estimator allows all 4 different parts to each be quoted using all your company's presses and with any combination of colors, stocks and bindery finishing operations. Estimator PS, with the click of your mouse, automatically selects the top 3 options from your list of presses for each part simultaneously. No more guessing which is digital sheet-fed or web, all presses are available for selection that are active in your plant.

PS shows the press nams as well as the price charged for each of the top 3 options. This is a great timesaver and happens instantly for all 4 parts with a simple click.

Press Select PS is included in all Estimator Version 7 programs.

For more information call Sales @ 203 682 6436.


November 2006

Moore Wallace Donnelly Purchases 4 units for their Manchester CT Plant.

After 10 months of intensive testing, management was convinced that the radical new approach offered by Estimator could save the company untold millions per year. Their plan is to spread it out to the other North East divisions, and then ultimately nationwide. Time savings could be as high as 700% with an accompanying increase of 10-15% in sales through rapid response.



Westport, CT – Estimator Corp . announces its V.5.0  Warp Speed Print Estimating software. The world’s simplest, fastest, smartest and most intuitive print estimating software system to replace its successful previous version. Estimator will have a significant presence at Print 07 in Chicago.

Estimator is a PC based stand-alone system that neither looks, feels nor operates like other estimating programs. Estimator, developed, tested and used for more then 8 years, provides the most detailed, accurate print quotes available today, for Sheet Fed, Web, Digital, Variable Data, Wide Format, Book, Quick Copy, Quick Print, Brokers, Screen, and In-House Printers.

 “Estimator is the only Print Estimating System conceived and written by a printer with  a printers perspective. “It is simply the fastest and easiest system available anywhere”, said Estimator inventor and CEO, . “Typically, our users create complex, error-free price quotes in under 2 minutes.  Most specifications and cost information [easily changed to suit each plant] comes pre-loaded in the lookup databases, and are automatically written to all reports as you select each component”.

Estimator is able to accomplish this remarkable level of sophistication through its proprietary Test & Evaluation engine. This Artificial Intelligence Engine understands the mechanics and metrics of stripping, imposition, proofing, plating, bindery, etc. The user needs only to enter “minimal” job specifications, mostly by point & click, then analyses the specific job, and automatically assesses and intelligently suggests imposition alternatives and optimized sheet yield.

Estimator allows up to four (4) parts per quote, each independent as to specifications including different Presses, Inks & Number of Colors, Page/Sheet size, Paper Stock and numerous other factors. It identifies economies of scale and quantity price breaks, and allows the Salesman / Estimator to create estimate scenarios, involving the customer in the process, which removes the mystery by building confidence.

 “What sets Estimator apart from other estimating programs”, says Proactive Technologies’ Adele Falco, “is its unique ability to calculate large, complicated jobs in one estimate using a single scrolling all-in-one window design, instead of complex multi-layered window arrangements”.  “By not drilling down, you view the entire job on one window and watch as it automatically updates the pricing as you enter job data”.  “And the best part is that every time you make a spec change, Estimator recalculates the entire quote in seconds”.

Here Are Some Additional Estimator Features:

·        Estimator Allows unlimited Presses per plant, stores each parameter, with presses independently selectable per job part
·        Estimator Permits unlimited Binderies both In-House and Outsourced, and stores this data for use by the SMART engines.
·         Estimator Stores unlimited Vendors and Subcontractors, saving pertinent data on the hard drive, easily retrievable with a few mouse clicks
·        Estimator Allows infinite estimates, limited only by Disc Space. To keep this manageable, default settings lets you define the range.
·        Estimator Archives Paper Stock in unlimited Basis-Weights and Sizes.
·        Estimator Prepares Quotes, Shipping Labels, Invoices, PO’s, detailed 4 part Job Tickets, Production Job Locator listing all jobs in house and department location, and full Management Cost Details
·        Estimator‘Copy Select & Add’ feature, creates multiple specification requests in seconds

Visit the Web-Site at, Download the Estimator Print Estimating, ‘Full Version Software’  FREE for 60-days!  Nearly all who try the demo buy the system.

Estimator with 3 moderately priced levels, is so efficient that users can usually justify their purchase through cost savings and sales expansion in about 90 days.


Tech Support | Sales 203-682-6436 | Estimator Corp 35 Evergreen Pkwy Westport CT. 06880